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Lesson - The Grand Staff and Clefs

Lesson - Key Naming

Lesson - The Piano Keyboard  

Lesson - Middle Notes and Basic Fingerings      

Lesson - Treble and Bass Clef Notes      

Lesson - Note Anatomy   

Lesson - Note and Rest Durations 

Lesson - Elements of Music: Rhythm                      

Lesson - Basic Meter 

Lesson - Reading Key Signatures and Accidentals

Lesson - Scientific Pitch Notation           

Lesson - Note Names: Ledger Lines

Lesson - Time Signatures and Meter           

Lesson -  Rhythm and Counting Methods  

Lesson - Articulation Marks

Lesson - Tempo

Lesson - Dynamics and Phrase Marks

Lesson - Intervals: Basic Intervals                

Lesson - Intervals: Specific Intervals

# - Ear Training:  Interval Songs

Lesson - Chords Triads, Qualities

# - Technique: Fingering Rules

# - Technique: Scales

# - Technique: Arpeggios

# - Technique: Pentascales

# - Technique: Inversions

# - British Terms

# - Music Textures


Piano Technique Pass-Off Card

Piano Technique Book/Sheet Music (coming soon)

 - First Pentascales Assignment Sheets


Learning Aids

Terms and Symbols:

- Music Symbols Quiz

Drills (from Musictheory.net)

Grading for Tests: 

Once you finish a drill test click "View Report."  Type your name to sign your report and receive a verification code. Copy and Paste your code into a text, email, or google classroom assignment and send it to your teacher along with this link:


Drill #1  

(Practice) Key Names (White Keys)

(Test)        Key Names (White Keys) - 1 minute 

Drill #2

(Practice) Key Names (Flats) 

(Test)        Key Names (Flats) - 1 minute

Drill #3

(Practice) Key Names (Sharps)

(Test)        Key Names (Sharps) - 1 minute

Drill #4

(Practice) Key Names (Whites & Blacks)

(Test)        Key Names (Whites & Blacks) - 1 minute


Grand Staff Note Naming Mnemonics: Bottom to Top

Treble Lines - EGBDF - Elephants Go Bouncing Down Freeways

Treble Spaces - FACE - Flamingos Are Climbing Everest

Bass Lines - GBDFA - Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes

Bass Spaces - ACEG - All Cows Eat Grass

Drill #5

(Practice) Note Names (Treble Lines and Spaces)

(Practice) Note Names (Treble Lines)

(Practice) Note Names (Treble Spaces)

(Test) Note Names (Treble Lines and Spaces) 1 minute 

Drill #6

(Practice) Note Names (Bass Lines and Spaces)

(Practice) Note Names (Bass Lines)

(Practice) Note Names (Bass Spaces)

(Test)        Note Names (Bass Clef Lines and Spaces) - 1 minute

Drill #7

(Practice) Note Names (Middle Notes)

(Practice) Note Names (Grand Staff) with helpers

(Practice) Note Names (Grand Staff)  no helpers

(Test)  - Note Names (Grand Staff) - 1 minute


Drill #8

(Practice) Treble Clef Ledger Lines

(Test)        Treble Clef Ledger Lines- 1 minute

Drill #9

(Practice) Bass Clef Ledger Lines

(Test)        Bass Clef Ledger Lines - 1 minute

Drill #10

(Practice) Grand Staff Notes to Keyboard

(Test)        Grand Staff to Keyboard - 1 minute


Order of Sharps: Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

FCGDAEB = F+5+5+5... etc.   or  two letters to the right for key

Order of Flats: Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father

BEADGCF = B-5-5-5...etc. or one letter backwards for the key

Drill #11

(Practice) Key Signatures (Sharps)

(Test)        Key Signatures (Sharps) - 1 minute

Drill #12

(Practice) Key Signatures (Flats)

(Test)        Key Signatures (Flats) - 1 minute

Drill #13

(Test)     Key Signatures (Sharps & Flats) - 1 minute

Drill # Specific Intervals (Ear Trainer)

(Practice)    Specific Interval Identification

(Test)    Specific Interval Identification - 1 minute

Drill #  Basic Staff Interval Identification

(Practice)    Staff Interval Identification

(Test)   Staff Interval Identification- 1 minute

Drill #  Specific Keyboard Interval Identification

(Practice)    Staff Interval Identification

(Test)   Staff Interval Identification- 1 minute

Customize your own drills at:



Vic Firth Speed Note Trainer


Buy Tenuto App from Musictheory.net!

also available: Theory Lessons, Tenuto2


Chord Piano Method/Sequence

#1 - Tonic (I) - One Chord Songs

terms: interval, triad, chord, scale degree, 

Frere Jaque/"Are You Sleeping, Brother John" - Hooktheory

Lime in the Coconut - Harry Nillson/Muppets adds 7th to I chord

Most Rounds, Bugle Calls: Orff Music, Snake Charmer, Mighty Truck, Canoe Song, Row Row Row, Three Blind Mice, Indian Songs, Pentatonic Improv, sections of songs with pedal tones: going home, (bagpipe), Kodaly Game Songs (Sorida), boomwhaker songs, We will rock you, Ram Sam Sam, 

#2 - Authentic Cadence (V-I)

"Shave and a Haircut - Two Bits"

#3 - Dominant (V) - Two Chord Songs

terms: chord function, chord quality, groove, cadence

Aloutte - Hooktheory

Delta Rhythm Boys - 1958

London Bridge, Itsy Bitsy Spider, mary had a little, My Hat, Plly Wolly, Rock a My Soul, Hush Little Baby, Where Has My LIttle Dog Gone, 

(V-I add 6) - "Dot Com"

American Authors - Best Day of My LIfe

#3 - Minor Chord Quality (ii)

(This can also be used to teach modality)

terms: chord quality, mode, 

Sailor Sea Shanty  - Hooktheory

#4 - "Amen" - Plagal Cadence (IV-IV-I)

#5 - All Primary Chords (I, IV, V)

inversion or slash chord, cadence (authentic V-I, plagal IV-I), 

Happy Birthday - Hooktheory

In the Jungle - Hooktheory

 Labamba, Saints Go Marching, Louie Louie (minor v)

#6 - Secondary Chords 

        (vi7, IV, I) - Stay with Me - Sam Smith (inversions)

        (V-iv-iv-i) - Coldplay Clocks (inversions)

#7 - Pop Song Composition Assignment 

         (I, V, vi, IV) Major

          Let it Go, Don't Stop Believing, Let it Be, 

         Hey Soul Sister (verse,chorus uses only I,IV,V), 

         (vi, IV, I, V) minor 

          Apologize (vi, ii6,I,V) , Someone Like You (chorus), Grenade

         (vi, IV, I) - Stay with Me

         (I, V, vi, VI)

          Jar of Hearts, Country Roads (chorus), 

               Right Here Waiting (chorus), Home - Philip Phillips, Someone Like You (chorus), 

         (I, iii, vi, V)

          Someone Like You- Adele (verse)

#9 - The 50's Progression - "Heart and Soul"

          Blue Moon, Duke of Earl, Lolipop, Stand By Me,  Beyond the Sea, Stand By Me, We Go Together from Grease, Heart and Soul ... can also be I, vi, ii, V  rather than I, vi, IV, V

YMCA (I vi ii V), Stand By Me, In the Still of the night Duke of Earl, Goodnight Sweetheart, circle of 5ths progression

#10 - The Canon in D Progression

It's raining Tacos

# - I V ii IV- somewhere over, closing time time to say goodbye

# - 7th chords

# - circle progressions (5ths, 4ths, 3rds)

# - Sus Chords

# - ii-V-I   cadences

# - Rhythms Grooves:   Alberti, Jazzy Anticipations, Arpeggiation, Bass Notes, Walking Bass, Boogie, 3-3-2 pattterns, In-the Style of Patterns, Right Hand Left Hand Alternation patterns, 1 and 3, 2 and 4, offbeats/ska, drones, repeated notes, Heart and Soul, country feel, floyd cramer style, 

# - Voicings - root, rootless cadences, inversions of rootless or other chords, shell voicings and inversions of,  jazzy, quartal harmony, shell, bassline,etc. drop two voicings, 

# - 12 bar blues with primary chords

# - pop song form / 32 bar form / AABridge

# - tritone substitutions, chord scales, landing notes

Meet the Flintstones, I Got Rhythm, 

#- make it jazzy - add in 7ths, add tensions, willie's step by step standards,spreading chords out between hands. Mix chord I and V to get a great chord... tonic base note add V above... basically suspension tones. CDGB or a pedal tone.

Web Quizzes

Quiz results are automatically emailed to you. 

Uses Google Forms and the Flubaroo Add-In

WebQuiz: Grand Staff and Clefs

    Practice Quiz - The Grand Staff and Clefs

WebQuiz: The Keyboard

WebQuiz: Note Anatomy

WebQuiz: Basic Rhythm and Meter

WebQuiz: Scientific Pitch Notation

Printable Webquizes


(quiz, test, drill, game)

Piano Keys (Quizlet)

Tempo/Style (Italian) Music Terms

Note Flashcards Treble Clef (MMF)

Note Flashcards Bass Clef (MMF)


Grand Staff and Clefs Memory Game

Piano Key Battleship 

   (using Scientific Notation)

Music Symbol Match 

   (identify and vocalize symbols)

Note Invaders by Jaydemusica

Pop up Piano Card Instructions

Rhythm-song Project

Cup Passing Rhythm Composition

Candybar Rhythms

Foley Artist Assignment

Recording Bad Lip Reading Assignment

Christmas Song Picture Game

Composer Stories (Audio and Text)


Pop up Piano Online

Virtual Piano Online - play by typing

Private Lesson Assignment Sheet

Private Lesson Assignment Sheet 2

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Apps: Synthesia

Apps: Piano Maestro by Joytunes

Apps: Tenuto

Choosing Literature: JakesList

Piano Notes Chart Cutout: (by piano booster)

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www.sheetmusicplus.com (print/digital)

www.onlinepianist.com (online tutorials)

www.theorytab.com (chord machine for tunes)

www.youtube.com (search "tutorial")

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